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Venture Meaning

by soulventure

Venture – Shortening of adventure.

noun: venture; plural noun: ventures

a risky or daring journey or undertaking. A venture is a project or activity which is new, exciting, and difficult because it involves the risk of failure.

“pioneering ventures into little-known waters” “she ventured out into the blizzard”

verb: venture; 3rd person present: ventures; past tense: ventured; past participle: ventured; gerund or present participle: venturing

synonyms: travel, journey, go, move, proceed, progress, set out, set forth, rove

Why venture?

In a nutshell it’s good for the soul.

Physically speaking, Stress and lower oxygen levels increase acidity within the body which causes serious illness. Natural fresh air you get when venturing reverses this having an alkaline effect and ultimately neutralises the Ph scale in the body making you  healthier and stronger. – Take your “park prescription” to the next level.

Not only that but you become more aware of yourself, which leads to perspectives broadening and – allowing you to better connect with your soul make better life choices and be happy.  Who knows you might even surprise yourself? Venturing allows you to constantly be discovering and thus you’re far more likely to stumble upon a hidden talent or passion than if you’re cooped indoors from dusk till dawn.

Also did I mention it brings you that step closer to immortality (sort of)? A study from the Global Coalition on Ageing suggests that regular travellers (people travelling twice a year or more) live for longer and are at significantly less risk of a coronary death than those who travel infrequently.

How to venture

Remember, a venture is a project or activity which is new, exciting, and difficult because it involves the risk of failure. This doesn’t mean your only option is a 6 month multi-million holiday to the amazon or you’ll get sick and die. Just taking incremental steps towards getting out of your everyday comfort zone is venturing.

  • Mircroventure – take day trips to local places you’ve never been before; sleep out under the stars; swim in a lake. You don’t have to leave the home to venture.
  • Force yourself to try a new thing every couple of weeks – Fear of the unknown is usually a much stronger drive than curiosity.
  • Say yes! – just saying you’ll give it a try rather than turning it down outright is a great start to venturing.
  • Plan ahead – plan it book it now, go later. Although many of us would love the spontaneity of just going it’s often not feasible.

Not sure when to find the time? Save up your work holiday and go! Travel Association’s Project Time Off  study showed you’re over 6% more likely to receive a promotion if you use all of your vacation days than employees who don’t take advantage of their paid time off – when you come back you’re more energized creative and have freed some head space for that work mindset. so what’s your excuse?

Amalgamating this with soul & it’s meanings creates soulventure –  a spiritual principle of life, feeling, thought, and need to live undertaking a risky or daring journey in search of adventure and hedonism.

When Soulventure was created, there was no such thing as a blog. Soulventure was not a thing. Now it seems its a name gaining momentum. If you would like to know why I started Soulventure, then standby for a future post.

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